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Why have a boudoir session?

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Why not?

This is my top SEVEN reasons why you need to book a boudoir session.

  1. To feel alive again.

Many of my clients come in ready for something different, they feel stuck or run of the mill. This experience usually elevates their feelings about their life as soon as hair and makeup starts. I am not saying it will be life changing, but I am saying there is a damn good chance it will be.

2. Healing past trauma.

This is another huge reason clients take this leap. Something happened in formative years that was hurtful and they want to honestly let it go. In these situations we will work more closely with opening up your past trauma, I am not a trauma healer but I work on keeping vulnerability soft and effortless.

3. Your dumb ex

There. I said it. Relationship breaks is a huge reason why woman embark on this beauty journey. In my own personal past I have a very verbally abusive ex- When everything was said and done, it took me 2 years to gain back my personality and life back. I wish I had thought about having this type of session done at that time bc I believe my healing would have been much quicker. The damage we do to each other is alarming at best, BUT we are all dealing with our own baggage and I try to give a lot of grace, except to ex's...kidding!

4. Wedding day Groom Gift

OH I do love a good groom gift session, veils and white. You can not go wrong with this type of session, they are absolutely gorgeous! Something sensual and also innocent. I love it!

5. Your proud of your body

AS YOU SHOULD BE. No matter what it looks like it has led you through this incredible beautiful journey that is ONLY yours. Your laugh lines, No matter your size or age if you are proud of what you have accomplished - you should capture it. I have had clients come in because they put on 20 pounds of muscle, I have had clients come in because they lost 100 pounds! I know someone who was inspired by Ashley Graham and did a session capturing her stretch marks because they were formed because of her sweet babies.

6. You need a reboot.

Let's face it, life can become humdrum especially after 2020. You ever just have an itch to do something wild or crazy? Maybe make out in public...or more? :) Maybe go skinny dipping or take a last minute trip? Humans were meant to work but were also meant to enjoy life, between working 40 plus hours a week, raising kiddos, holding up your obligations your bound to need a some pampering and magic to remind yourself how fabulous this life is and how lucky we are to have it.

7. Ok Drum Roll Please - the best reason to do a session?

Because you are scared...and without fear there is no growth. I love all my clients but my favorite stories to hear are the ones where they were petrified. The reason I love it so much is because fear is the root of all that sucks, fear holds you back from everything. When I became boudoir certified I was terrified to enroll, it was too expensive, I was not good enough, could I even do it? I sat on the fence for a few YEARS and I always think of what a happier healthier human I would had been way earlier had I not let fear control me, it's ok to be scared BUT DO IT ANYWAY!

This session is about you, for you. No other reason than YOU want to feel the spark and magic that You have always owned but that they let life water down. This is a perfect reason and to me my favorite reason is when it is simply for the excitement and fun and memories for YOU to hold. Forever.

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