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What does an experience with me look like?

Curious about a boudoir session but not sure what it entails?

Here are some things you can expect when working with me:

-Most clients either book the session fee directly through my site or like a phone consultation first.

You will then receive a consult planner from me, just a PDF version of everything we went over on the phone with some more details.

- Once you are booked in meaning your session fee is paid and a date has been selected you will receive the contract for the session day and my Dream Shoot Planner, which has EVEN MORE details regarding clothing, hair and makeup options, etc.

-From their clients have 7-10 business days to make a declaration of what they would like to purchase. Most clients end up purchasing a Collection III as it is the most bang for your buck, many love Collections IV and V as well as you get a taste of EVERY ITEM I OFFER at a highly discounted rate (up to 50% OFF) and some end up going with smaller collections or a la carte. It is really up to you!

-Once you have chosen the items you would like to purchase, we start an interest free in-house program where you can pay monthly or bi-monthly to keep the payments smaller. Some Collections we offer as far out as 18-month Pre Session-Payment Plans so it really does end up being affordable for any budget!

-Once your bimonthly payments are started and those contracts signed - I send you emails about what to expect and the super informative questionnaire so we can get exactly what you want the day you are in studio!

Stay tuned for Next week's installment for day of details!

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