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Shadlee's Go To Spots

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

I don't know about you but I work so hard all week between my full time job and photography that come the weekend, especially Saturday mornings I don't have a session scheduled I LOVE to get out there and spend money with some of my favorite local spots!

This is NOT a comprehensive list, just some of the places I hit most often, What are some of your favorite spots to hit Saturday mornings? Let me know in the comments!

  1. I love eating breakfast here, the food is always exceptional and so is the service, I usually find new music to jam to while I am here too as they play things I hadn't heard of before or didn't appreciate it until listening to it there! I love the sweet potato chickpea buddha bowl!

  2. I love this little space, it is so beautifully put together and it has some of the best lotions you can find, Golden Hour is my favorite scent, but I am also into their vanilla rose body oil. such a blissful night time treat to my skin after a long day of boudoir shoots!

  3. To be honest I am going to post a few coffee places, nothing is quiet as blissful as running to get a coffee at lunch or even better, if your leaving early for the day. This is my morning stop usually as its close to me and on the way to the office. I love that they have pumpkin spice year round.

  4. This is another place I frequent work day afternoons for a pick me up. I love there Maple Syrup Frappe with Whip Cream. hard to have just one, their greek salads and bagels are yummy too.

  5. Breweries: I love them all so much, I can't possibly choose a favorite and we frequent them most weekends. Here is a few but def. NOT ALL that I Love: I could go on and on but honestly there is not one brewery here we don't love and drink at!

  6. Plant Shops: My go to right now is - they don't have a website, but the owners name is Sara and she is truly delightful and so helpful. It's located at 17th and Sumner. I also really love Urban Trails on 4th st. I don't think they have a website either, but an adorable fully stocked shop in the heart of the city!

My perfect Saturday morning besides having a shoot (that is my perfect, perfect day) but if I can plan my Saturday with this list below I always feel accomplished and like I really got to live on a weekend day. It's so exciting...I guess it is the little things.

Holy hour with my mom

out for coffee or breakfast with friends or family

mid morning shopping

mid morning pick up/cleaning around the house

afternoon workout

running to another cute little shop or 2

Riding bikes with Ryan to breweries

getting dolled up for a date night.

That is my perfect Saturday when I am not photographing gorgeous woman or sweet little fam bams, what is your perfect Saturday?

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