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Moody Vibes: Planning Your Boudoir Photo Session

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Welcome to the world of Shadlee Meinke boudoir, where sultry elegance and moody vibes come together to create stunning, intimate images. If you're considering a boudoir photo session, you're in the right place for a journey of self-expression, empowerment, and artistry. In this blog post, we'll explore the exciting world of boudoir photography and provide you with essential tips for planning your session day with me. Let's dive in!

Wardrobe Choices: Lingerie, silk robes, and lace can all contribute to the moody aesthetic. Dark, rich colors like deep reds, blacks, or deep purples and dark greens are excellent choices.

Posing: with this style of boudoir, I tend to pose more arched and accentuated than I do with a light and airy relaxed session) I often tell ladies to make sure the stretch the night before their session as I always have you point your toes and arch what you can up to the sky!

Relax and Have Fun: Most importantly, enjoy this experience. Boudoir photography is about celebrating your beauty and sensuality. Trust me and embrace the mood. The sillier you feel usually the better the outcome.

Are you ready to embark on your beauty? Book Here!

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