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Why is it important to you to have boudoir photos done?

It is important to have boudoir photos done because I believe we are beautiful at every stage of our lives, and this is one way anyone can feel beautiful. I love that I have the opportunity to have these photos that remind me that I am beautiful.

What did you love about your time with Shadlee Meinke boudoir?

I loved the entire time with Shadlee! She instantly made me feel comfortable and was super easy to talk to! It isn’t easy putting on lingerie for strangers but within 5 minutes I felt comfortable in the fun and professional environment Shadlee provided!

What would you say to someone wanting to book a boudoir session with shadlee meinke boudoir would you recommend and why?

DO IT! Not only is Shadlee fun to work with the session itself is so empowering and fun. You won’t regret the experience or the photos you will have!

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