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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

I had a very smart client once tell me..."it's ok to be scared, but do it anyway."

I took her advice and delved head first into luxury boudoir photography.

What is luxury boudoir photography?

well, it's a vibe.

It is not just gorgeous photos and artwork to cherish for a lifetime.

It is not just a day of fun and pampering.

Of Professional hair and Makeup

Of modeling for a day

It is not just making a new life long friend.

that all is a big part of it, but what it really is, what really makes it so damn powerful.

Is that it is an ultimate expression to redefine and bring back life to your soul.

It is emotive, powerful, addicting, sexy, romantic, selfless and giving all at once.

If you have never had a session I can not totally articulate what it does, but it is powerful!

I had my first one in May. I was addicted instantly. The rush, the fear, the nerves.

It all lead me to be a braver, happier more at peace version of myself. I was scared, but I did it anyway.

Am I perfect?

hell to the no!

After I had this deeply personal session I realized though that I am perfectly imperfect and THAT is so much better than looking perfect, acting perfect, speaking perfect.

I like my body now because it IS MINE. It can take me anywhere I want to go, my thighs are strong and ya maybe a little thicker than you would prefer, but that is YOUR perception of me. NOT MINE.

My boobs are lush, my hands comfort friends and my hugs? are tender and warm, my laugh lines are the beauty of a life well lived. My body does not define me. I was made for more than weighing myself. I was made to lift others up and to be a beacon of love and comfort to those around me, I was meant to share my passion with the world and love and laugh.

and lose.

and win.

I am not just a body. I am more. I am me.

Damnit, I am taking space.

Photo Credit: Bared Soul Boudoir

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