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Boudoir and Beauty/Branding sessions with me

The ever-ending question of should I or shouldn't I?

It looms over everyone, doesn't it?

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Should I do this? Could I do that? Sometimes the indecisiveness is so strong you freeze.

I say carpe diam, the reason I say this is for a couple reasons...



So now you decided that you want to have a boudoir or beauty session with me because this is the youngest you will ever be, and you want to know what all the hype is about lemme break it down for ya!

Breakdown of Beauty/Branding Sessions:

Beauty is much like Boudoir except these clients are in coats, robes, dresses, pretty outfits, etc. Usually, I do not set up the bed and it's more of sitting and standing poses because they are not comfortable with a full boudoir session or because they are a small company getting going and want branding photos for their site and social media. I love shooting these because it gives a chance for someone who just is not comfortable Shakin down to their knickers for me still a chance to feel beautiful and a little spicy (Like when I told the older client in the photos below to pull her coat down, just a smidge) :)

Breakdown of Boudoir Sessions

These sessions (both types of sessions really) have the potential to be life changing, I know first hand because I spent my ENTIRE life hating my body. No matter what changes I made I never liked myself any better. I lost 50 pounds I still was miserable. I lost 60 pounds and it wasn't enough, I quit enjoying life at all and still didn't get where I wanted. nothing changed my brain wiring the way having my own boudoir sessions did. It made me realize like DAAANNNG! I am HOT BUT Not only am I hot but also since I do have value and worth outside of what my body looks like AND I think my body is pretty, I need to care for it better. So, I started trying to carve out time where I worked out and ate more whole foods so I could nourish myself. I had never cared about that before because I did not love myself.

If I can't love and honor myself how the hell am I supposed to do it for anyone else?

Am I perfect? hell no. The difference now is I DONT HATE MYSELF for not having the body I want. Trying to be better through health and exercise is so important, BUT SO IS NOT hating every inch of who you are.

Are you ready to embark on your beauty?

You should be.

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