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"Beauty is an aura and attitude." - Kesha

What made you decide to book your boudoir experience with Shadlee Meinke boudoir?

Oh, my goodness! I absolutely LOVE Shadlee! She is such a dear sweet friend, and I had a session a year or more ago and the experience was so incredible! I have never felt so empowered or had as much fun in my underwear as I did working with Shadlee. What I was looking for this time was reassurance, after gaining some weight and feeling down on myself, this was the best way to reconnect with myself and see that regardless of a few extra LBS I am still beautiful inside and out!

Were you nervous about the day? Anything specific you were nervous about?

YES! I, like most women, am a bit self-conscious and hyper critical of my body. It is always near wrecking to strip away strategically cut clothing and be vulnerable, especially for me having gained weight…internal struggle forced to be confronted was a very liberating experience.

What was your favorite part about this boudoir experience with Shadlee Meinke boudoir?

Being in Shadlee’s space, to know Shadlee is to love Shadlee! She is an absolute gem of a person who pours herself into her boudoir shots, she loves what she does and is relatable to work with, making the entire experience not only comfortable, but a hell of a lot of fun! Oooo and the playlist is always kicking!

What have you learned by investing in yourself and this boudoir experience?

I have learned that beauty is an aura or attitude, it is everything good and whole inside of you radiating out. Confidence is beautiful and everyone deserves to feel both.

What can you tell your friends about booking a boudoir session? Do you recommend booking?

Book a session! What are you waiting for?!? It is the most fun, empowering, and invigorating gift you can give yourself! I can’t recommend booking a session enough, because it will forever change how you see yourself. Best gift of self-love!

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