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14 days before your session

I start sending email reminders about all thing's session day related!

Emails will be reminders about time, where your appointment is for hair and makeup, what to avoid and what to do ahead of time like waxes, hair, toes and nails, what to pack and bring day of. EVERYTHING so you are fully prepared.

The DAY of your session

You will be in hair and makeup for about 90-120 minutes

You will head directly to my studio where I will have:

Your favorite jams playing

your favorite snacks and drinks

I will show you around and show you artwork I sell so you can see and touch everything!

We will look at outfits together and jump right in!

After the photo shoot, I will prepare a light lunch for you while I cull your final images and then you will get to see them all THE SAME DAY!

You pick your favorites to go into the album and art you ordered and then I get to editing!

You will usually have your art 2-4 weeks after your day in studio (INSTANT GRATIFICATION)

Clients spend on average 3 hours with me and the whole day can take 5 hours.

It is a day all about you and your beauty and it is so relaxing and fun!

Clients become lifelong friends!

Are you ready to book?



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